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 LordOfSpear lvl 164Dark Knight

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PostSubject: LordOfSpear lvl 164Dark Knight   Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:02 am

Name: Amit
IGN: LordOfSpear
LVL: 164
Class: Dark Knight
Clean Range/MA: ~12k clean, ~18k with normal buffs(mw20,etc), working on improving gear
Current HP: 21k w/o hb, 31k w/ hb
TimeZone: EST
Previous Guild: Virtuous
Experience in Bossing: Very exp'ed in zak, scar, GB, pap, cwk, but not very exp'ed in ht
On Ranks [Yes/No]: No
How Can You Help Guild: I'm a reliable dark knight for bossing and always looking for training partners at skeles or oblivion. Intelligent, active person able to contribute to conversations. I have lots of mules for signing up for scar. I've played my dark knight since Beta testing although with a few scattered breaks.
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PostSubject: Re: LordOfSpear lvl 164Dark Knight   Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:11 pm

we'll let you know in a few days

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LordOfSpear lvl 164Dark Knight
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